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In recent years, the company enhances technology content and reduces price through amelioration, which makes price become lower than average level in our country and has good price performance ratio.

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The role and efficacy price of mannitol


Glitol is a common medicine. It can treat brain -related vascular diseases, such as cerebral edema, can be treated with dehydration, reducing scratching and edema. It can also increase blood capacity and play a role in diuretic. It can also promote excretion and help detoxification. Different manufacturers and places, the price of glycol alcohol is different, but not high.

Glycoliol plays this very important role in many diseases. Many people don't know much about this drug, and they don't know its effects and functions. In fact, it is a good dehydration agent, diuretic, and flushing agent. And the price of this drug is not high. Let's carefully analyze the role and efficacy of the glycol alcohol.

1. The role and effect of mannitol. Glitol is a very good substance for blood vessels. It can clean up blood vessels well, and can also treat some brain diseases of brain diseases in the brain disease. Glycoliol is widely used clinically. Tissue dehydration drugs are used to treat cerebral edema caused by various reasons, reduce intracranial pressure, and prevent cerebral hernia. Glitol is a commonly used dehydration agent for permeability. It can increase the penetration pressure of the plasma, promote the water in the tissue of the eye, the brain, and the cerebrospinal fluid into the blood vessels, and reduce the edema of the local tissue. Balls and capillaries increase, increase the penetration pressure concentration in the renal tube, and play a diuretic effect. As an auxiliary diuretic measures, the treatment of kidney disease syndrome and liver cirrhosis, especially when accompanied by hypoproteinemia, you need to use mannitol for treatment. Excessive amounts of some drugs or excessive or poisonous poisons, such as phenobabic drugs, salicylate and bromide. This medicine can promote the excretion of the above substances and prevent renal toxicity. As a flusher, it is used in the urethral prostate divorce, or the intestinal preparation before surgery.

2. The price of mannitol. There are many types of mannitol, different production areas, and different prices. However, in general, the price of mannitol is not height. The price of about 250 ml of one bottle is generally less than ten yuan, most of which are about 3 to 5 yuan. Of course difference. Glycoliol generally needs to go to the hospital for injection. If there are relevant symptoms, such as cerebral edema, etc., you must go to the hospital for treatment in time to avoid causing greater harm.